Interleave is a label of Atomos Applications


A few examples of applications we have made for our customers:

HRM-Process management
Safer, faster and in control of your HR-processes

In most businesses Employee Evaluation and Absence Registration is a paper-based process. It generates loads of paper and dossiers, and the process as a whole is hard to manage. Also, we understand that managers can be quite set in their way of doing things.

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Contract management
Renew in time, cancel in time!

You can save all your Contracts in Interleave. All relevant data, including the contract itself, will be saved in Interleave’s database. Using easy-to-view lists you get a clear view on your contracts, what they cost and what obligations you have. Find your contracts easily using the Google-like search - and Interleave also searches through attachments.

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Process managed the way you want

With multiple purchasers it can be difficult to get a good overview on all costs, contracts and conditions of all purchased goods and/or services. While there are plenty of other purchasing software products on the market, most of them are very expensive and force you to follow “their” way of purchasing.

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Time & attendance
Are my invoices representing my effort?

It’s hard to know exactly what your and your employees’ effort is in projects. Especially with larger projects, it’s difficult to be sure that your invoices match your actual effort.

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Project management
Jones is on sick leave and the customer wants to know the status. So, what is the status of the job?

When your business delivers services, whatever kind, whether little or big projects, if you don’t have the information about all the projects in a centralized location, it can be nearly impossible to find anything. Everybody knows how frustrating it can be to browse through hundreds of spreadsheets and documents on your shared network drive.

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Helpdesk or facility desk ticketing (ITIL)
Ticketing with Interleave

With Interleave you get an enterprise-ready ticketing system for much less than the usual ITIL/ITSM tools which are mostly far too complicated and bloated with buttons, tabs and fields.

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We use Interleave for anything that needs easy access for a large number of people, to a large number of facts and activities.

— Ernst Geene, Randstad


We have a number of application "off the shelf"; These products can be used as a base for building new applications. Here are two examples;

  • ILBA:: Business Administration

    Our small business A-to-Z application; customer relationship management, invoicing, time registration and financial planning.

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  • ILDEV:: Bug tracking & Change management

    Our own bug tracking and change management application. Check the link on the contact page to see it in action.