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Interleave in a nutshell

  • Interleave is like a box of Lego™ we use to rapidly design and deploy web-based applications.
  • We develop applications based on the processes in your company. We don't ask you to change your company to fit our software.
  • The software itself is free - you don't have to pay license fees and you don't pay extra when you want to add more users.
  • Interleave applications can be accessed over the internet, from anywhere in the world ...
  • ... but it is secure, and always accessible.
  • Thousands of businesses all over the world use Interleave.

Interleave has been around since 2001. We create web-applications enabling many people to work with the same data at the same time. And Interleave makes sure everybody works according to the agreed process.

We prefer to host the software ourselves in a Software-as-a-Service manner. However if, for some reason such as privacy, you would like to keep your data in-house, that can be arranged; we're fine with in-house hosted applications and thus also offer on-site support.

Working with Interleave is very quick and easy; thatís why it has become successful in a short period of time, because people like working with the application.

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