Interleave is a label of Atomos Applications

Interleave is Open Source software

Open Source means that the source code of software is available and distributed with the software itself. This can be convenient when you have you own technical staff - you could alter the source code to match your own requirements or to check the reliability of the software.

That however is not the main reason Interleave is made open-source. You can already adjust anything in Interleave to your needs without having to change (or understand) a line of code.

In a way, open-source also means free of charge. As we don’t protect our source code, you can easily download it from this website.

Free lunch?

Yes, you can download the software here. However we can install, setup and host it for you, too. We’ve got the know-how and equipment to host your Interleave instance in a fast, safe and secure way.

Open Source?

Open source means no more and no less than publishing your source code along with your product.

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